Ofra Facts About 15

The professional make-up brand was born more than 30 years ago in the United States in order to give beauty professionals an advanced use experience that combines the latest technologies with the most fashionable shades.

OFRA Cosmetics UK is considered one of the most sought after brands in the UK makeup and beauty schools.

The famous collection of ofra cosmetics liquid lipstick can also be found in crazy colors such as blue and metallic green that are especially sought by professional makeup artists.

The brand research and development laboratories are located in Florida, and from there the makeup products are marketed all over the world and to us.

The brand has sophisticated cosmetics labs and a makeup factory that covers such a large area that the workers have to move between the departments on Saguie!

In light of the brand’s meteoric success in recent years with famous launches such as liquid lipstick and the pyramid palette , it has become a star on the web and the favorite of American bloggers.

Beauty Leading bloggers with millions of loyal followers, such as Caitlin Lights and the Dupethat duo , collaborate with the brand and create exclusive collections of shades taken overnight. The collections were also marketed in Israel and broke sales records on the site

The brand is named after one of its founders, Ofra, who is a famous cosmetician in Florida, with exceptional knowledge in the field of health and skin care.

The OFRA brand promotes the development of Tivour products , which combine care and makeup, in the belief that a fashionable color and a healthy lifestyle can go hand in hand.

The brand’s famous formulas contain groundbreaking and surprising ingredients, such as propolis and flower powder for the treatment of acne.

The best colorists (and color experts) and cosmetic chemists are employed in the brand labs, many of whom have specialized in international giants.

OFRA plants in Florida produce special and sophisticated collections for the world’s leading and best-known makeup brands. Yes, yes, the product you admire so much may be manufactured at OFRA ‘s factory ,  even if it does not contain OFRA .

The OFRA brand has been marketed in Israel for 15 years and is a success among the makeup and makeup schools and the general public.

OFRA is one of the best selling and sought-after makeup brands on the Gilati website!

A small bird told us that in 2016 many surprising launches are planned for the brand that does not stop innovating, we wait patiently and promise to update you first.

very wearable resistant lipstick shade called – “The Duchess” Dutchess The variety Hiiliitrim newly found three fluorescent colors that give luxurious silk fabric skin GLOW  unique match your skin tone;

The variety Hiiliitrim newly found three fluorescent colors that give luxurious silk fabric skin GLOW  unique match your skin tone;

Glazed Donut – A bright pearl shimmer reminiscent of a “glaze of donut” and suitable for light to medium complexion.

Glow Goals – Keeps tempting champagne matching the medium, medium and semi-tan shades of skin.

Blind the haters – a bronze-copper shade that is especially suitable for tanning and tanning.

The three shades are perfect as a bright silhouette and brighten your eyes in a new and fashionable light.

We must also appreciate the creativity of Nicky and OFRA in choosing funny and meaningful names: donuts, goals and goals, and our favorite name: to dazzle the haters!

With this makeup collection and a worldwide brand that is beloved by more than 40 countries across the globe, we are sure that OFRA does not hate, only fans who are dazzled by beauty.

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