Mini Personal Tracker A8


From a distance, you can access the geolocation of the tracker, the path taken, the battery level and remote listening. Remote listening is also triggered when the person wearing the tracker presses his SOS button. The panic button triggers the cascaded numbering of the pre-recorded phone numbers in the best hidden gps tracker for car.

This personal mini tracker is ideal for the elderly or children.

Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 13 mm

Weight: 30g

Network: GSM / GPRS

Battery: rechargeable 500mA

Follow-up on smartphone / iPhone: yes

This is an entry-level model. It performs its function but must be recharged regularly and has only limited autonomy. This entry-level trader still offers an effective geolocation function for a very affordable price.

Location via the GSM network is particularly suitable for urban areas. When the person is in a building it is always locatable, unlike GPS which usually needs to be outdoors for optimal operation.

This is in my opinion an extra model, interesting for a first grip and use of this type of equipment. Once familiar with the use of the GPS plotter we will certainly opt for a more durable and efficient model. The really discount price of this tracer is only small to test this type of technology.

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