Kneading Machine, Blender Or Grinder

In a bakery we know that the procedure of each bread has its different handling, some loaves are softer and other masses are thicker and heavier.

That is why every machine is assigned a machine, and most of us know that with a beater we can do it but the answer is here:

THE MIXERS: They are the most functional and usually the most requested, is the essence of bread, without it you cannot do the job or even the slightest, its function is as follows, beats masses with very low thickness, which regular are more liquid than nothing.

These can be used to prepare biscuits, lighter bread, pastry, etc. Its cost is not very high, there are from the most homemade and economic to the most industrial and with a more professional operation. The best mixer grinder juicer are handled in liters, each blender has fine wire accessories that are hook, paddle and balloon. Usually their accessories are finer wires for the same reason that they are for small quantities.

Its basic function is to knead the quantities of mass that you provide or quantity of product, its engines are stronger since they are especially for beating very thick product, and these are used to prepare bobbin, or bread for baguette, it is also can be used for white bread or sweet bread but they are breads that usually their dough is thicker, because it would be useless to introduce more liquid dough since the mixers have a hook in the form of lyre which makes it thicker.

Its price is a little higher than that of the blenders, but it is for the same equipment these are handled in kg their quantities.

MOLINILLAS: “REFINING” It is the correct word, in which the dough that you usually introduced in the mixer, you refine it in this equipment. The grinder has some rollers which refine the dough when it is introduced into them. This same to perfect the mass and remove some lumps that may be in it. Its cost is a little more expensive than that of a mixer and its function is more professional and industrial.

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