Gollnest & Kisel Pedal Cars: Toys Made To Last

While at the end of the 19th century the first true toy big car were still for adults only “rich games”, the first pedal cars became the most coveted toy of children.

Made of odds and ends, or built to measure for children of good family, pedal cars have always dreamed of proud children to decide their path, to be an actor of their destiny, driving a racing car whose speed will never exceed the power of their little calves!

Timeless racing cars

Inspired by pedal cars from the 1930s, the models selected by zigouzis are beautiful, solid and handy toys. All metal, painted with sparkling colors and rubber tires, they are funny machines ready to delight the budding “driving crazy”.

Race car, “tourism” vehicle or fire truck with its ladder, its bell and its fire hose, there is only the embarrassment of the choice! The pedals of these pedal cars offer three adjustment positions to suit the size of their young drivers.

Girls and boys will not tire of their pedal cars, a toy they will pamper with love, before storing it at the age of reason, until adults pass it on to their little ones. Unless you want to use it for decoration in the garden or in a corner of the living room!

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