A Laser Anti Mosquito: The Photonic Fence

For several years, researchers have been working on electronic mosquito killer technologies that can identify and then burn insects in flight. We had already broadcast some videos on this subject.

Anti-mosquito laser

Technology seems to be maturing in the United States. Indeed, lasers worthy of the Star Wars will take care of these pests.

For example, Asian psylla citrus, despite being 2-3 mm long as an adult, has become the number one public enemy of Florida citrus growers. Spotted for the first time in 1998 in this state,

it had already reduced by 50% the production of citrus fruits in 2005. The sap-sucking Hemiptera carries a bacterium, Candidates, which destroys the trees by causing the the so-called “yellow dragon” disease which is causing enormous damage in plantations in the southern United States and Brazil.

How it works

The insect is spotted by a blue laser. The computer then calculates the beat frequency of the wings then an infrared laser fires a flash on the insect.

This technology could also apply to mosquitoes that we know well together, even if it remains for the moment overpriced for an individual.

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