A Good Hair Dryer Is Really Much Worse!

Because the hair bleached and dyed, especially when a while ago pale hair

but because of hair or maintenance is very good. so, there are a lot of girls ask one after another the usual way of maintenance.

In order not to let the hair deterioration, for hair products and hair dryer can have special Harga Hair Dryer Philips!

In addition to the wind to be strong enough, the focus of the wind but also to concentrate on the average concentration can be more (efficient) And then the negative ion moisture is not hair so hair is a focal point,

Began to lock the hair dryer to buy a little better when selected on the Philips, had bought the first love, and then immediately bought a trip to travel then if I have two hair dryers are still very new, or really want to keep their own use ah!

In addition to anion technology, even the hair dryer is also smart!

You can take the initiative to respond to the hair temperature, and then adjust the temperature of wisdom to automatically adjust the temperature to achieve hair care & moisturizing (so that the hair retains more than 85% moisture)

Will not make you like some hair dryer blowing the scalp feel hot coke, and the wind is not strong enough to continue to slowly blow. So, look like a fashion is different Hello! There is definitely a multiplier effect. The whole is to become the only reason to take checkout reason (laugh)

Temperature Control Angel streamlined design with champagne gold, hair blowing has a very stylish attitude take a look at me Love Philips blower children.

The beginning is the first to buy a white this (go to my friend found that she is also using this super-cute!) And then bought a small branch of black gold Travel (International Voltage 110- 240V), travel around Ok very good!

And world-class brands, global warranty two years than purchased in foreign countries, relatively speaking, to use it more peace of mind!

Exclusive Wisdom Infrared water temperature control technology

Unique ceramic accessories can diffuse infrared

Exclusive EHD anion diversion technology, blowing 10 million negative ions per second!

6 kinds of temperature switching (2-stage wind speed / 3 temperature)

1500W super wattage x large air design is that we may want to ask why the hair dryer are stressed negative ions.

Because of the negative ion characteristics can form a protective film on the hair surface (to prevent the generation of static electricity), reducing the thermal damage to the hair, and thus effectively lock the water.


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