Poker Texas Hold’em Is The Most Popular Type Of Poker In The World

Poker Texas Hold’em is the biggest and most exciting poker game in the world. Thanks to simple rules and constant competition, poker has become a very popular game in the world.

Goal of the game: Collect the best five-hand hand, using any combination of the cards with you and three cards (five) on the table

In poker there are several expressions and special names. Here we present a small dictionary for you:Entry Fee – This is the number of game play you join At the beginning of the game the distributor is chosen and the distributor changes after each new hand

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The necessary payments (Plains) – The first player to the left of the wheeler pays the “small blind” and the second player to pay the Big Blind. The value of the blinds is tied to the value of the bets at this table. For example: in table 5/10 the small blind – 5 and the big blind – 10.

After payment of these amounts, the cards are distributed.

Berry Flop – The first bet – between the payment of the cards and the distribution of the first cards. The player to the left of the distributor starts the game and the distributor plays as a final player.

Flop – Three sheets of paper (placed on the table). After the distribution, the game is started.

Torn – the fourth common paper. After placing them on the table the new betting is done

River – the fifth and last common paper. After placing them on the table is the final bet.

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