Order Of Betting In Poker

The order of bets for each lap depends on the dealer’s “button” position. This is a sign that a player holds in turn clockwise. Each lap starts with the player on the left of the button. How to play online poker? (making decisions) in a clockwise order, and the player holding the button is, of course, the last one to make the decision. Therefore, the “button” position is more advantageous, because he can come up with the decision of the public to come up with strategies to deal with.

Blind betting

Before each game starts, that is, before giving two cards to each player, there must be a “blind” on the counter. This is a mandatory bets on the player in order to ensure that there are at least a number of “pots” (bonuses per game). The blinds in Texas Hold’em are usually paid by the two people on the left of the button. The first left is called the “small blind” equal to half of the lower limit. The second left is called the “small blind” with the lowest possible bet. Blinds are mandatory. The presence of the players naturally take turns with each round Zhuang zuo bear the task of betting blind.

Betting circle

Under the blinds, made a card, it is time to start betting.

The first lap is called a “flop” or a “lap”. This betting ring has not been issued a community card, so players only have their respective cards. After the hole, the flop is “flop”, that is, after three common cards have been issued at the same time. This is followed by a “turn”, after the fourth card is issued. The betting ring after the five cards have appeared is the “river”.

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