Earn Money With U-Matrix

U-MATRIX – a modern, new auto-surfing sites, analog SurfEarner, JobPlant Teaser Bz the program for automatic earnings on the Internet, as well as a very cheap advertising platform. Absolutely an easy ways to make money online, on a full machine. Earnings are so passive that you actually will not need to do anything practically. You will simply be unobtrusive to show ads and charge for it money.

In order to start earning, you need to register in the U-Matrix project, then go to the U-Matrix website under their login and password. (for the password, see the mail box that you specified during registration). We go to the “Personal Information” section and fill out your profile: – name, surname, gender, country, city. Next, in the settings, fill out the wallets and click save.

That’s basically all, you are registered. Registration from one IP address of two or more accounts is strictly prohibited. Then you need to install the U-Matrix extension in your browser   and run it. Further anything it is not necessary to do.

You will be paid for simple viewing of advertising and video, and you do not need to click, and if you click, you will get an additional reward. All, you have the extension in your browser, we turn it on and start making money (off-extension is disabled, on-off).

The essence of the U-Matrix system is simple: some participants (advertisers) enter money into the system, which pay for the type of advertising services they need, and other participants (users) earn good money by performing simple actions paid by advertisers.

Service U-Matrix acts as an intermediary and guarantees advertisers quality work, and users – an honest payment. Reliability of the U-Matrix project confirm more than 1 year of impeccable work, more than 5 million rubles of paid earnings, more than 20,000 users of the system.

That in itself is an undeniable proof of the popularity of the project. Every day hundreds of users of the system deduce to their accounts tens of thousands of rubles, earned at home without investments and dirty tricks. U-Matrix is ​​still quite a young project, so hurry up and join, you can still recruit a huge number of referrals in your structure.

For Users, U-Matrix provides first of all the possibility of absolutely passive income, since nothing is required from you for a flat account (once you install the U-matrix extension)!

You just do the same thing as before – use the Internet, and your account is regularly credited with money! In the corner of your browser, small advertisements will periodically appear, without interfering with your surfing on the network. In a pinch, you can always close the ad. Variability of the settings allows you to choose in which corner will be the ad impressions.

Some settings and daily statistics are available directly from the extension and updated in real time, which will allow you to quickly monitor your account simply by clicking on the extension icon without leaving the site (tab) on which you were located. How to make money on the U-Matrix extension:

Now you will be shown ads, for 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds. Advertising blocks are shown in the lower right corner of your browser and do not interfere, especially since the extension can be turned off at any time.

You do not need to click – you pay here only for viewing, the only one do not close and do not update the page before the timer expires, otherwise you will not be credited. Also, here they pay for the opening of sites (3 kopecks) – in the middle of the screen a pop-up window with advertising will pop up and you need to click Ok. The developer of the U-Matrix project   is the administration of the Seo-fast postal system.

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