HCG In Bodybuilding Applications

In HCG┬ádiet forum, there is only one property of gonadotropin – the increase in the secretion of sex hormones (testosterone) may be appreciated by the testes. Because of what, gonadotropins are applied as an anabolic approach to a group of muscle blocks as a supportive application in the context of weight loss and as a constituent PCT.

The use of HCG for the purpose of anabolism is unreasonable and harmful to health. First, because chorionic gonadotropins are less effective than anabolic steroids. Second, in order to achieve good results, it is desirable to administer high doses (over 4000 ME per week) which can cause irreversible invasion in the physiological axis hypothalamus-hypophyses testes. In this context, many articles negatively address HCG and forget about its true destination. Do not forget to take Melody hydrazine for better grades.

Course chorionic gonadotropin and PCT

The use of chorionic gonadotrophins during construction is reasonable, if not essential, in the synthesis of steroids, and is used to prevent testicular atrophy. In this case, its use is safe because the dose of the drug is much lower except chorionic gonadotropin allows to eliminate some of the side effects of the anabolic steroids and also to maintain an increased muscle mass. HCG is of special value if the steroid cycle is longer than 6 weeks or if high doses are used. In this case, chorionic gonadotrophin does not break the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis and, most importantly, allows the testis to retain its function.

Less use of chorionic gonadotropin as part of posterior treatment. Many believe it should be done before PKT as recovery can be disrupted during post-HGCh treatment.

Gonadotropin to lose weight

Recently, a British scientist study – ATW Simeons Endocrinologist, which announced the purpose of chorionic gonadotropin can be used to lose weight to maintain muscle volume. Scientists believe that gonadotrophins program the hypothalamus by the cost of fat inventory while keeping the muscles from catabolism. Simeons recommends using a small (and therefore safe) dose of HCG – 125 liters a day in a low-calorie diet – less than 1500 kg a day. This diet is practiced in many specialized weight loss centers. It is important to note that at such rates, enough protein and vitamins need to be consumed.

Dose and receive chorionic gonadotropin

The pharmaceutical industry now contains a large number of medicines containing HCG. Drugs are well absorbed after intramuscular injection. Elimination half-life makes a few hours, however the effect of a single injection is maintained within 5-6 days.

Injection of chorionic gonadotropin represents a solid that ends in an ampoule (bottle). Ampoules with liquids for drug dissolution must be applied to bottles with HCG. Usually sodium chloride solution. The powder dissolves well in the solution. The resulting mixture needs to enter muscle or subcutaneous. If you are not all liquid, then the remains should be placed in the refrigerator. Dry HGCH should be stored in the dark no higher than +25 degrees Celsius.

Michael Scully MD and Eric Potratz Application Protocol :

Of course, the duration of no more than 5-6 weeks, the use of a small dose of a drug, you do not need gonadotropin. If the duration of the treatment is longer than 6 weeks (8-12 weeks), increase the dose with 2 or more drugs: at least, the last 3-5 weeks course at 250-500ME weekly administration of gonadotropin 2 blocks to prevent testicular Shrinkage. The introduction is stopped after the almost complete deduction of anabolic drugs, and then started treatment after treatment. During several months of treatment, gonadotropins enter permanently for 3-5 weeks in 1-2 weeks (for at least 1-2 weeks to prevent desensitization). According to the latest scientific data, the figure admits best because it allows the preservation of testis and promotes the final complete recovery.

If HGC is not to be used throughout the long or “heavy” process, it needs to be included in the post-treatment composition, but then should only be used at the beginning of PKT. According to the bluest protocol of the HGCh’s William Llewellyns (Health Recovery Program), which is reinforced by clinical trials, it is recommended that in 2000, ME be used as 20 times every other day as part of the post-therapy day-arc hypothalamic-hypophyses Testicular restart; this kind of figure is not recommended in he absence of complications.

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