Do Not Be Wrong! 85% Girls Deposited Mask Will Do Wrong 3 Things!

Best organic skin care, the mask must be deposited every day, the faith deep thousands of girls heart. But the mask is really deposited more better? Different effects of different texture mask is actually very different, how to apply, when deposited, deposited for how long have stress. Today for everyone to clarify the most easily misunderstood Mask Mask three myths, do not want to “apply” more than the loss do not want to apply to sensitive, immediately note it!

Mask can be deposited every day?

Generally recommended to apply the next day, because too often use the mask may cause skin burden or sensitivity. The decision on how long to apply once again depends on the type and composition of the mask, such as cleaning mask can only be twice a week, whitening mask three times a week is enough, and the composition of a simple moisturizing mask is suitable for daily use.

Different mask should be deposited for how long?

Many people think that the different types of facial mask deposited time is 15-20 minutes, in fact, not also. Flaky mask because apply Serum for too long after the essence of dry skin will absorb the water, it should be controlled within 20 minutes, but smear class mask (except for cleaning mask), there is no such concern, it can be applied to 25 To 30 minutes. As for the clay-like cleansing mask is recommended 5-8 minutes to clean, so as to avoid skin tightness or allergies. The only sleep mask that can be used even for night creams, but not recommended for everyday use.

Can apply a mask when bathing?

Beauty mistakes caused by the TV series no.1! Those in the bathtub playing bubble mask mask TV watching is actually not desirable. Because water vapor will make sheet mask difficult to fit the skin, affecting the results. Even smear mask, but also easy to forget because of the time too long lead to skin problems. Apply mask the best time should be within half an hour after bathing, the pores in the state of micro-Zhang blood circulation is better, the most conducive to absorption.

Special reminder: as much as possible at night,

night is the metabolic peak hours, but also the skin absorption of nutrients, the best time for self-repair, so the mask deposited at night as much as possible. Special note is that the whitening mask must not be deposited in the morning, otherwise whitening ingredients will be left sunshine to form spots or other skin problems.

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