20 Tips On Using Adsense To Make Money On A Blog

If you have created a blog, and your goal is to make money with it, the first thing you should know today is: Buy Adsense Account .

Adsense is an advertising system , which is an intermediary between Advertisers (like shops, companies, …) and Media (like blogs, forums, …) used by bloggers to earn money through advertising .

Its success is due to the fact that at the present time it is the company with the largest number of Advertisers, besides being the most responsible, fulfilled and “honest” with both Advertisers and Supporters (also known as Publishers or Publisher. On your site from Adsense).

When you implement Adsense, one thing you most want is the best profitability (clicks of the visits), to take advantage of our website, clear without falling into faults with Adsense and perhaps unwittingly banning our account.

Tips for Making More Adsense Money

Tips on blog content

  • Niche to which we address : this affects whether to earn more or less money. There are themes in which PPC (pay per click) is greater than in others. To get an idea we can see in Google Adwords when advertisers pay to place their ads (the media as blog earn 60% of those prices)
  • The theme of the blog is vital : general blogs (such as “Sports”) will earn less per click than more specific ones (such as “tennis”)
  • Good content is vital : not only for Google to value your page well, but also for advertisers to value it (they can bid more money for specific blog posts) and for readers to value it (so you’ll be loyal and have more visits) ).
  • Position your blog in search engines : the visits that come from search engines like Google are the most profitable. Good content will help you.

Web Design Tips

  • A simple template is more effective: when designing your web do not look that is very visual, with many images and flash. A simple template where the ads stand out will be more cost effective.
  • The main column where you have the content should not have a width less than 460 pixels.
  • Use a colorful color for links to blog titles

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